Wk4 – Classmate Conversation – Jhonatan Ramos


This week i got to know Jhonatan Ramos. He is a freshman that is majoring in philosophy and he is nineteen years old. I learned that he came 6 hours from his hometown to come study here. He is originally from Gilray, California, where he went to Chistopher high school. He decided to come to CSULB as his second choice  because it was convenient since his brother came here and now lives here. He didn’t get accepted to his first choice because he tried to get into a very difficult program but he does enjoy majoring in philosophy here. Jhonatan also has many hobbies. Some being that he really likes football but only playing it not watching it. He enjoys running and he does go running often at the beach, which is crazy but I hate running but its interesting know that people actually really like it. He likes watching movies and drawing usually sketches. The sketches are usually made while his bored in class. He also enjoys ever type of music even in different languages which I though was really cool because I didn’t even think of listening to music in other languages. Languages that he listens to include Spanish, Portguese, and Italian. Jhonatan is Latino, his mom is from Guatemala and his dad is from El Salvador. Which is nice because that means he has way different traditions and cultural background than me. He took art because its required but he does have a interest in it. His website is jhonatan2016.WordPress.com. He is a funny, nice and comfortable to be around with so everyone should get to know him!


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