Wk4- Legal Graffiti Writing




This week we did graffiti writing. I was excited but nervous about this project because I am not artistic. I decided to just buy spray cans and cardboard since I live far away from venice. So first was deciding the colors which was pretty hard to decide. Then I watched some videos on how to do it. Watching experts on YouTube where they make it seem so easy was not like reality.  I sketched out my name in bubble letters and then started the spray paint. My first try I got to close to the cardboard that my paint would splatter. Then I quickly tried to do it. I noticed that my paint became runny because I was putting too much product. When I see graffiti on the streets and I see how perfect it looks , it made me wonder how mine wasn’t coming out like that and how difficult it really is. I can’t blame the spray can or my environment I think I’m just really not artistic and it really makes me appreciate how some people can actually create the master pieces they do. Although I do want to reach my creative side maybe starting off with a some children’s paint would be easier for me. This was a very fun and out of the box experience that really does makes you appreciate peoples talent. Graffiti is a real talent and people should be proud of their art work!


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