W5- Artist Conversation – Andre Ritter

Artist: Andre Ritter

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to form: Single Entity

Media: Metals

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: none

Instagram: none

This week I had a conversation with the artist Andre Ritter. He graduated from CSULB last spring. He majored in metals and got his BFA in metals. This is the first time CSULB opened up the art exhibition to an alumni and he says he is very grateful for that. Andre has two sons one is ten years old and the other is eight years old. He has been working with metals for the last four years. He enjoys comic books, the television show the walking dead, volleyball, the beach, looking at other art galleries. One very big thing that he also does is he is helping set up art programs at elementary schools and is partnered with long beach state and the program is on pilot right now and hopefully it stays. Andre’s art explores all types of ideas taken from other culture’s, mystery, tropical antiques, and even abstract ideas.

Andre’s media that he uses in metal. He used aluminum for his project that is on the fourth picture where he is standing next to it. He says aluminum is the easiest to work with but also has worked with steal that was the hardest because he had to use fire to work with it. Although metal is a hard and can be a sharp metal, his pieces do not reflect anything sharp. On the third picture there is a head piece with bright colors it is a very nice a cultural piece. On the second picture his piece is wood with different metal pieces on it that although is simple from far away, closely you can see how complex and neutral it actually is.

His art is a reflection upon things he likes. Andre tends to do bigger scale projects. His interest in the culture in south pacific reflects upon his work, especially the head piece with the feathers. His art is nature motion with details. The ideas of not having open spaces and also his ideas reflect upon inspiration of other peoples ideas. Also the neutral colors he uses in the two biggest pieces reflects upon a  more calm yet mysteries piece of work. He also said that he uses like tropical antiques and it does reflect upon that idea.

The art I saw today is different from any other art I have seen. For the biggest part I don’t see a lot of art that has to do with metal. Also his inspiration from another culture is nice because I feel like I assume that people always want to represent their own life but it doesn’t always have to be like that. The piece where it is a piece of wood like from far away I didn’t think much but then close up there is so many pieces that he must of made to put it all together and make it look functional together. It also looks like all these pieces together that work, somehow they go together. The head piece was probably my favorite because it had color and represented his interests.



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