Wk 5- Classmate Conversation-Andrew Andrade


This week I got to know Andrew Andrade. He is a political science major on his second year. He is planning to pursue law and maybe wants to become a lawyer. He is 19 years old and his favorite colors are blue and burgundy. On his free time he likes to practice martial arts and wrestling. He also likes cross country, football and basketball. He went to Milliken high school which is a rival school from the high school I went to in athletics. During high school he also was in a break dance club. Andrew also likes to eat and his favorite foods are Mexican, Japanese and Korean food. Also on his free time he watches t.v. and hanging out with friends. Andrew also has a job, and he currently works at Journeys in the Cerritos mall. Andrew is not specific to one time of music but likes all kinds. His favorite season is winter. He also commutes to CSULB. He chose CSULB because it was convenient since is was the closest school to him. Also because he didn’t want to waste a lot of money and that is what would of happened if he would of chose another school. He is a really nice person! Add him on aandradespectrumcom.wordpress.com !


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