W5- Coiffure



I decided to go with the most exciting part of this week and dye my hair. I would never think to dye my hair a wild color but I knew this was my chance. I used temporary hair dye so I wouldn’t damage my hair but I got good results. So I heard about the garnier bottle that really leaves a bright color without bleaching and comes out so I went to buy it. I got purple since I thought out of all of them I would look the best on my dark hair. So it was a easy process that took 10 minutes I just decided to do an ombre affect. Since I did it inside the house with dim lighting it looked dark purple. Once I stepped outside I saw a bright purple but in photos it looks blue for some reason. I feel out of the box and so different , I went to get pizza after and was with my boyfriend and felt so different and like if everybody was staring at me because of my hair. Its a different and exciting feeling to have different hair since I always have brown and I feel like I even dress different to go with my hair also my make up. This was a great idea ! Would recommend everybody to step outside there box. Tomorrow I have work and I wonder how everybodies reaction will be !


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