W7 – Group Video


This week we did a group video. We all decided to go with the thing we all have in common and that is that we all go to CSULB. In that genre we decided to do CSULB problems. The one funny problem we thought about were the huge, long stairs that connect the lower campus to upper campus. So we thought about the very famous rocky scene from the movie Rocky where he is running up the stairs. We thought about recreating the scene and going back and fourth from our video and the movie.We thought it would be really funny. From our CSULB experience of being late to class and running up the stairs or even just the slow walk up the stairs. Also how the stairs are kind of close together and you dont know if to take one step or two steps. To the movie where he is trying to reach his goal in winning when he is training and its parallel to how us as students are trying to get somewhere in life by going to class.


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