W8- Artist Conversation- Bri Joy




Artist: Bri Joy
Exhibition: Merge
Media: Screen Prints
Gallery: Csulb school of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: none
Instagram: Bri.joy

This week I had a conversation with Bri Joy. Joy is a transfer student from Saint Batho’s college. She went to Orange High school of the arts. Joy has been three years in the printing working program and this is her last year. She also comes from Modgeska Canyon were she was raised. She let us know some insight on the environment she was raised. Where she was raised everyone knew everyone and kindergarten to middle school there was about 100 students. People knew alot about eachother yet they were to themselves so when she came to a city area she realized and was suprised how open people are with eachother. She also has hobbies that include  playing sports like surfing, skateboarding, doing yoga and snowboarding. She is a very active person and likes being outdoors. Her art focuses on the main idea that the person  she is today is coming together and she is merging her past and her presents , hints the name of her exhibition.

The material Joy uses includes BFK archival printing making paper. She bought a roll of ten yards for this exhibition and divided each art piece to fit the paper because her scale does not allow each thing to be printed like once like you would think. This is hand printed work. Her work consist of black and white colors where you are not distracted by color but see a message
Her lines are smooth yet each line is very different. She also uses unique variation of lines.Her lines are femine and show a reflection upon her. Fun fact if she would mess up one little thing it would cost her $100 because of how expensive the material is.

Joy’s art is trying to bring fourth emotion rather than distracting or entertaining but giving feeling to a viewer. Her inspiration is also concept vs. Color. Something simple can actually be complex and it shows the organic upbringing that reflects upon her. Her art is a reflection of the shift and new experiences that she discovered when she moved from one place to another. This also shows how she or women can be stronger. This can show how organic her environment was and that reflects on her simplicity but also her message that can mean so much more which is all the experiences she has gone through.

What this art meant to me when I saw is that art doesn’t have to be this complex thing. Art can be a variety of things one being simple. Art doesn’t always have to have color or be based on something but it can be based on a artist experience.  My perspective about her art is that its great and different. Its great how someone can be so passionate about something and have it represent there past  and future.


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