W8- Automatic Drawing




This week we did automatic drawing. My experience was kind of hard. Since me and my partner are not patient it took a lot for the pen to draw for itself. We bought a paper cardboard from the art store and decided to do it in my friends room since it is dim in there. We sat down with our knees touching and tried a variety of ways of doing this. First we tried with pencil and although you can’t really see in the pictures in the middle of the paper we did create some small lines, then we decided color would look so much better. We tried crayons and it was actually harder because we had to press down to actually see the colors and we couldn’t let it right by them selves so we went with a thick pen instead. The results were basically lines that convey our laughs in about an hour that it took us. We just could not stop laughing and I think that is actually nice though that in these lines it conveys our happiness and a reflection of our friendship.


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