W8- Classmate Conversation- Megan Stevens


This week I got to know Megan Stevens. She is a psychology major and is a first year at CSULB. She wants to become a child therapist when she is done with school. She currently has two jobs one being a patient sitter at a hospital and the other being a coach for water polo team. Besides coaching she is also on a water polo team at Huntington Beach for a masters team. On her free time she spends time with her boyfriend and friends. She is from Costa mesa and drives to school about 30 minutes everyday. When she first entered Csulb she wanted to get into the nursing program because her mom was a nurse but decided to switch her direction.  She has three brothers and she is the only girl and her favorite color is blue, she has no favorite foods or music but she will not listen to country music. What I learned from this conversation is that Megan is a motivated person to have two jobs and go to school it a really great thing and you don’t find a lot of people like that , that are hard workers and don’t take the easy route.


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