Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Sean Joy Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition: All WORK ALL PLAY

Media: Copper, Metals, Silvers (3D department)

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None

Sean is a undergraduate student who is on her last semester at CSULB. This is the first show she has actually done. She is from Los Angeles and lives in Long Beach and she actually dormed at CSULB for two years. When she first got into Csulb she was actually a creative writing major and now she is graduating from the 3D department with BFA metals.  On her free time you will find her in the studio experimenting on different projects. She also outside of working with metals she still does painting.still. In her art she is practicing her humor and emotion where she gets to experiment with a reflection of her life. Sean suggested “dont be afraid to experiment.”

This art is based on metals. Sean explained the process that goes throught that she does with working with metals. First an idea is put onto a sketch then a paper model to have an idea of scale or what you actually want. Then a copper model since it can me easier to work with or wax then starting the real thing. Her art is on small scale and most that i saw was jewelry. It is shiny with the pure colors of the metals. The solar system that is on a bigger scale is smooth lines.

The ideas that this art explores can be based on her environment, emotion being and can also be based on art history. Her ideas can come from random thoughts and really can be anything. It can go back and fourth from anything and this exhibition was mostly based on jewelry. Whatever she is feeling at that time can be represented in her art. Her art can be time in her life.

Seeing this art really shows how art doesnt have to be about a specific topic but it can be how you are feeling at a time from your life or it can be about any experience you have. When Sean said not to be afraid and to experiment it really makes me think how not eveyone is creative and they should bring that side out and its good that there is people out there can express themselves like that.


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