W10- Instagram




This week we did a Instagram project. Thursday March 24th everyone in the classroom posted 4 photos and used the same hash tag #art110s16 ! First it was really nice seeing that a lot of people did this project the last picture is a screenshot of Gabrielas love for Justin Bieber. The first two pictures are screenshots from my Instagram and what I did today. My four pictures were at the SOA gallery, then a selfie, going to the park and my boyfriend. Usually all my thursday have these things going on. It was hard having I guess interesting photos for a thursday but it’s nice seeing how every bodies else day is. As a classroom I think that although it is just a class its something we are all doing as a group and in one day we all did the same thing today. We all got up and decided to takes pictures of our daily life , this was a interesting project for this week !


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