Wk 10- Artist Conversation- Helen Werner Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil, Pastel, Prints

Gallery: Csulb School of Art, Gatov- West

Website: HelenWernerCox.com

Instagram: none

This week i got the pleasure of meeing Helen Werner Cox. She grew up in New York by Cornell University.She moved to California because she was tired of the cold and got a job here as a teacher and had the decision between middle schol and high school students. For the thirty years she has been teaching the first thirteen years she taught art at a high school level. Then she ended up going with middle school students which she fell in love with the age group and ended up teaching for seventeen years at North Long Beach. She applied for a position as a librarian. Besides teaching she likes gardening low watered plants, she is an active reader with her favorite topics being fiction and mystery. Helen is a graduate student in the MFA drawing and painting program. She also learned print making. She started going to old carousel first in Santa Monica carved in 1920 by Italian immigrants where the horses looked like they were screaming with there tongues hanging out and that is where she got this idea and her influence to make this exhibition. Her ideas explore society spinning in circles that reflects upon humans and how they do not learn from their mistakes but just keep doing the same routine.

Helene materials consists of oils, pastels, print making and even wood cravings. She explained that she uses a variety of techniques when doing each and every different art piece. She can for example use a stain of brown and make lines drawing. She can also use Mono prints. She uses warms and cools and then for colors uses pastels especially in her art piece “Silent Screams.” The pieces that consists of more pastels are the ones that took her the longest and she said she probably wont work a piece that big and with that much pastels in it because of how time consuming it is. One of the amazing things she did was sketched for four hours while going on one of the carousels and that became one of her art pieces that was the huge scale with blues in it. Her lines are incredible and delicate yet convey such an important underlying message.

Her art work conveys and captures her energy and passion. She sees her drawing mixes it wit up and draws it back to make it look like energy in her paintings. Her underlying message is society trapped in a circle not growing yet we are growing in technology we are not growing any where else. For example how we are going to unnecessary  wars and she feels like its a cycle that does not stop. Society is not learning from their mistakes and it really bothers her. She wants to convey frustration in her art. The next step she will be taking her art is not so much on the carousels but on the animals thesleves and explore the herd of animals and see where that takes her.

My experience in seeing this art is that this has been my favorite artist so far not only is her technique and art so appealing and interesting the message behind it i totally understand and agree with. Her message is deep and any one can relate. I like how she took an idea of basically kid fun and transformed it to an adult problem. As a kid you dont ever think about this things and you are just going on a ride in circles but as an adult you have to realize you cant be going in circles and get off the ride. I totally agree that our society does not learn from there mistakes and the expressions of the horses and the way she conveyed her message even through the colors she picked was amazing!


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