Wk 11- Turning Pages

This week we did a art experience very different from the ones before. This week really had us think about we use our school. The art guest we had Marta Troya opened our minds up to for example how our library is berly a library at all and our bookstore doesnt even contain any books. Not only have i never thought about this things yet i come in contact with this environment almost everyday. The difference between the library and the bookstore is that we were able to take pictures at the bookstore and not at the library. This to me made a big difference because i am so use to taking pictures everywhere i go especially for this class but in the library were we didnt use our phones that much i talked to the people around me more than been focused on just taking a picture and i wasnt really in the moment. One weird fact i found out today is that in the bookstore they actually sell make up which was so odd to me since it should be a bookstore but basically it’s is filled with random things and ads for the campus. Our campus has became less about education because it is basically all about technology. Since we can get anything online then i guess the space of books has seemed pointless and the school decides to find ways to make more money off the students. Filling the spaces with coffee places that they know students are addicted to. This art experience was very interested and makes me see a point of view about my environment i never even thought of.


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