Wk 12- Artist Conversation- Tiffany Le


Artist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: Tau

Media: Mix Media (Canvas, printed paper, watercolor…)

Gallery: Csulb School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: http://www.letealeaf.com

Instagram: letealeaf

This week I got to know Tiffany Le. Tiffany Le is on her last semester at Csulb. She will be graduating in May from the MFA program on or campus. Le is born and raised in Garden Grove. She has into art since she was three. Although she does not remember her mom told her that since she was little she was copying cereal boxes down. The title of her exhibiton is in Vietnamese which actually means boat, ship, vessel and craft. Le’s art is the history of her family, the struggle they went through and to spread word about the reality of the Vietnamese people.

In Tiffany’s work is a mix of different medias. She uses canvas, printed paper, she constructed boats. She also used LED lights, watercolor, Alyric, ink and charcoal. Her middle piece which is the third picture on my blog is the construction of boats on a watercolored piece so show the illusion that the boats are on water. In this piece there is also LED lights. This exhibition has a variety of colors sme bright and some dark. The dark to represent the struggle and chaos. The scale of pieces vary on the walls she has small to medium canvas but in the center of her exhibition is a large scale 3d model.

Tiffany’s work exhibition refers to boats in Vietnamese. Her art reflects upon the struggle many Vietnamese people. She told us stories about how her mom was studying to be a nurse in Vietnam, then one day she was going to take an exam and she decided to flee and met up with people that are going to leave and go to the United States. Her mom and dad ended up being on the same boat. She uses this experiences she knows and imagination to create the pieces she does. Tiffany is bringing a light to make people see that her family arent just foreigners because they came to the United States.

This art really touch me because it’s really great to see that she was so inspired by her family since i am really close to my family. I believe that she should try to represent what her family really went through instead of the two paragraphs that history books dont even teach us. Since American education doesnt tell us the truth about what happened this is a great way to express the reality of her family and her culture. The way she also conveys all the things she loves like even her bunnies in a really chaotic way in her watercolor pieces.



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