Wk 12- Game Design


This week we did geocaching ! Which at first i was hesistant about the idea but then i found it to be really fun and would actually do this as a hobbie. The first three pictures in my blog post are the geocache i left which i left on campus so it would be easier for people in our class to want to look for it. We used a napkin holder and a napkin to do the log and box. We decided to hide it in a old electricity box that no longer works anymore  against the wall which i thought would be a good hiding spot. We left a piece of gum and some coins. The hardest part of this is finding a creative spot to hide the geoacache and what to acually put inside so that someone can find it. The second three set of photos are the geocache i actually found on the real app. I decided to go to a geocache on campus. On my way there i noticed about eight other people from class also was looking for the same geocache which was really fun to see we were all looking for the same thing. The geocache was actually in between a tree with some water that smelled bad. The log showed people from a year ago and we decided to put glenns class. This was actually the second geocache we tried looking for because the first one we could not find and was actually very difficult. The reason why i decided to look for geocaches on campus was because around where i live there wasnt alot of geocaches and on the app some of them you cant view without getting the premium. All together this was a fun week and fun thing to discover, i had never heard of this before and i will be doing it in the future especially if i go hiking.


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