Wk 13- ACP


This week we got to do an Art Care Package, this experience was similar to sending a snapchat because the things i sent are things that i have and that i want to share with someone else. This is just a form of sharing but instead of photos it will me physically sending and they will be able to have it and experience it. On the other hand sending a package is different from snapchat because it does take a couple of days to first get the things together then to actually send the things. You do have to go to the post office to send the things and with snapchat its just right there and then. Then again that picture does go away in what ever seconds you want it to go away and with the package you can keep it forever. Ephemera is something that last a short time and asking if it is something precious or not is a hard question to ask because in some ways yes and in some ways it is trash. People seem to value things more when they do only exist for a short time but yet things that we get to experience for a longer time should still valued by people. To me things passed down to be or experiences that i learn from my family or elders is precious to me but i think that is different because family is a huge part of my life and i was raised to precious that. If i passed down like a Coachella ticket to my grandkids depending if they were into that sort of stuff then i dont know what they would think. The majority of people i believe only think of Art in one way, and that is paintings, before coming into class thats what i usually thought about too. I thought about a musuem and a narrow space where art should fit, although i knew there was a lot more out there. After this class now i know art can be really anything that expresses what someone is feeling or what they want other people to see. The ACP i sent can be art because its something i drew and its something i wanted someone to experience with me, for example the organic bubble bath because to me its something i like and i want someone else to experience it. Also the postcards are places ive been too and since i love traveling so much i wanted to gain that bit of experience from me and see what i am about. The time  and effort into things does make a difference because now a days my generation wants to do things the quickest way, and the easiest way i view things is by doing it through the phone and online. I dont think fast or slow is better from one another but i do think people just like getting things over with instead of experiencing things. An ACP shows a effort for getting a package together and thinking about what goes inside and what you want someone else to see. Different from a snapchat where you are making very little effort.


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