Wk 13- Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: No Name.

Media: Mix Media ( Plaster,Clay, Found Objects)

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instagram: @NickBamf4d

This week i met Nick Bamford. Nick is from Huntington Beach. He is a undergrad senior and this is his last semester in the BFA ceramics program. Nick in the future will be continuing and expanding his art work, he is not decided yet into what grad school he will be going into but UCLA  is one of his options.  He want to build is work up but will be taking a year off after he graduates this semester. Nick has a little sister who is not at all into art. Growing up art has always been his favorite, as he was growing up he started with drawings and moved up little by little. Nick took ideas from his personal life and explored things he likes to make his art work.

Nick’s work is filled with different materials like found objects and his personal objects.  His work is no formal shapes , it is a mix of different colors and shapes including black lights. He tried to change to smaller sculptures since he always does small sculptures. He always liked blacklight so he took this idea and brought it into his art work. There is a lot to look at but his scupltures come together to form one thing. He uses vibrant colors and a large scale to display with art work. There is no shape but just different object that come together.

This art work is about cycles of growth and decay. He uses his personal life and experiences and brings them into his art. It is an ” exploration into process and form.” This art work is important to him and happened through a lot of process. He says that is art is there and that he is just there helping it along the way. He enjoys tangibility of expression and that is of way he shows his art. He uses sculptures and ceramics as a different form of figuratives and bring a different demension to his work instead of traditional art.

I have never seen a artist that uses light to change the dimensions of his art work.What this art means is an expression of Nick’s individual thought and personal life. Its nice that he turned a art gallery and made it into a dark place and made his art into the main focus using the lights to help express what he wants to express. It is always nice to know the different ways people use to show there personal life and how it is way different in the way i live my life.


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