Art Experience Feedback EC

  • This semester we did 14 activities and I came up with three of favorite. My most favorite would have to be the plaster casting. The casting was my most favorite because you get to keep the memory of whatever casting you do. Also you get to enjoy it with other people and can invite people to do it with you. It was also something I didnt know i could do and it was cheap and easy to do and now i have this amazing casting of my hand. I will use this activity in the future with friends. My second favorite would have to be the graffiti writing both learning about it and doing it for myself. It was nice knowing how difficult graffiti actually is but it was really fun to do. My third favorite activity was Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure because it gives you a range of things to do instead of just one specific thing to do.
  • There was also activities i didnt really like. My three least favorite activities were the automatic drawing because it was actually really difficult to do and it wasnt like fun if your just sitting in a room quite for an hour. It wasnt a great interactive activity you can do with someone else. Another activity is the photo walk because the people leading the photo walk had a difficult time saying a lot about the school and well the school is something most of us is aware of whats going on and what is on campus. Also the Japanese Garden sketching wasnt my favorite just because i dont think it’s fair since a lot of people arent good at art or sketching and might feel uncomfortable doing this activity.
  • Overall, this class was one of the funniest interactive classes I have ever been in. It’s a great class to met a new variety of people and get to experience a range of ponts of art.
  • Now that this class is becoming online, I think it will take away from interacting with classmates and having that one on one experience and getting to do as much things as we did.
  • The only way i can think of improving this class is just Tuesdays have decisions, making it more fun or talking about topics more interesting to us then just general things. Like talking about graffiti was really interesting because it is a part of everybodies life.

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