Week 15- Art Conversation- Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: BFA Print Making

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: none

This week my artist conversation was with Nancy Young. She is in the BFA print making program. She started going to CSULB in 1984 but she was on academic probation and that is why she took so long to leave school. As a twenty-two year old she was kicked out of CSULB for failing grades and sustance abuse issues as a result of a bipolar disorder.She has done most of her art on campus and has been in every printmaking class. Her art contains all the places she has been too. Besides art work she has a job as a database programmer and she uses art to be creative. Her hobbied are listening to music and she has a dog. The topic of her art is bringing her personal issues and struggles like grief and loss into art.

Nancy’s art consists of print making. She exaplined that she uses relief which is the areas where the block is removed. Sharp tools to crave the paintings called crow to shape her art how she wants it to look. She also uses photopalmer which is adpated on photoshop and printed on the plates. Her art is a elegant pieces with some birds and location which she said it where she has been. She uses little to no color which is very sutle. Her art goes together very well and sophisticated besides the fact of what her work represents.

The topics of her art come from personal issue of her life. She creates work at each location she has been too and how the birds represent something that needs to leave the nest. That resembles how graduation is moving onto the next step in life and finding a new place to work. The Southern California aspects she uses as her locations are representing all the souls with the same issues as she has experienced. The only way to see this problems is to look closer like a bird that has seek a better life.

In my point of view the message behind Nancy Young is very inspiring because she went through so much to have agreat outcome. Her personal issues ended up being an inspiration to her art and this is something a lot of people can relate too. So many people struggle especially in school. This is how it relates to me because sometimes i do have a hard time in school and i see that she did too and she pushed throught and although it took her  along time she ended up being able to accomplish so much. It is great to see someone being able to do that.


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