Elidiana Laeta


I am Elidiana Laeta a resident here on Moonbase Alpha where the year is 2046. I am currently a astronaut on Moonbase Alpha. I help by traveling to other planets like Jupiter and Venus to make new discoveries about our galaxy and to make new advances. Here on Moonbase Alpha we have a range of already new discoveries from flying cars to the discovery that aliens were true and now we live peacefully with them as we discovered they were looking for us too. I am currently married and have six kids. New animals were discovered and everybody is environmentally caution as we dont want the same thing to happen again on Earth and thats the reason we all have to move here.


This is Lia one of my bestfriend that happens to be a alien. In there life they are angel and demons, she is a twin and grew up fighting off other forces and they discovered our world when Lia crashed onto our planet. Lia is a very strong open minded person and i would recommended people to get to know her.


Gabriela is my coworker on Moonbase Alpha. She is a bold person that gives me all the secrects that happens in the work place while i am away on missions. She has a hard outside so when you get to know her but she is a nice and funny person with the same interest as our beloved Bruno Mars from Mars that we discovered as an alien that has a singing talent like never heard before.


Lorika is the crowned princess of Moonbase Alpha she is the reason why i have my job because she supports our travels with money to go see other planets and discover our galaxies. Although she never really seems like she likes our planet, she is very standoff ish and thats is why i dont really know her.


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